LIQUIFLEX®-PRO has a range of training and demo days that allow you to build up your knowledge of our liquid system. These are arranged with the contractors or merchants to decide where the training will take place.

The training can take place at our head office in Mauchine, Ayrshire or at our secondary location in Cannock in Staffordshire for those companies based in England.


Our training and demo day courses will start at 9am, lasting the full day until 4.30pm in the afternoon, allowing for a lunch break, with food and drinks provided.

This course will allow the trainees to become used to the LIQUIFLEX®-PRO product, as well as get hands-on with models, showing the correct way to cover the substrates.

The end result is a full roof installation on one of our mock-up roofs, as well as going over the many different variations of warranty LIQUIFLEX®-PRO can offer.


Training costs start from £80 + VAT per person, with the option to purchase accommodation in the area for an additional fee.

Prep of a metal side panel on a demo day in Dublin


Our demo days allow merchants to be shown on their own premises the many positives of our liquid system.

This allows you to pass the knowledge onto the contractors that shop at your company and help them to gain confidence in the product, as well as promote LIQUIFLEX®-PRO.

LIQUIFLEX-PRO being applied over a primed area at a job in Dublin


Training and demo days are usually ran towards the end of the month, but can be tailored if demand requires it.

In terms of the Mauchline and Cannock, we prefer to limit the number of participants at any one time to no more than 10.

The course allows you to:

  • Gain experience in the LIQUIFLEX®-PRO product.
  • Allow you to build up your user base.
  • Become a licensed contractor, allowing you to put warranties on work done.

You receive a card with your certification number and photo on it, showing that you are a fully licensed contractor. You will also receive full documentation regarding LIQUIFLEX®-PRO and a sample of the product.

Our training and demo days have already been widely received by the contractors we have had trained at both locations, as well as producing some stunning results.

LIQUIFLEX-PRO being used on an on-site training session


To re-iterate, our training and demo days represent great value for money in terms of what you can gain from using our LIQUIFLEX®-PRO liquid system.

We offer:

  • Two locations for training (Mauchline and Cannock)
  • 15, 20 or 25 year warranties on your projects once you’re a licensed contractor
  • Full day training from 9am to 4.30pm
  • Gaining experience in the liquid system
  • LIQUIFLEX®-PRO certification card, showing you’ve been trained in the system

If you or your company would like to become the next to be using LIQUIFLEX®-PRO using our training and demo days, please get in touch with us and we will look forward to seeing you soon.