1.5kg per square metre squared - Standard 15kg Drum cover 8-10m squared.

Technical Info

RUBBERSEAL LIQUIFLEX®-PRO is a high performance, wet-on-wet, cold applied liquid waterproofing system that is fully reinforced with a 225g chopstrand mat (CSM). It has significant advantages over conventional liquid roofing systems because it can be applied wet-on-wet, is a single liquid product, fume free and virtually odourless. LIQUIFLEX®-PRO has many advantages over traditional types of waterproofing particularly within the refurbishment sector. As well as being cold applied, LIQUIFLEX®-PRO offers a seamless roof finish. It forms a permanently elastic, seamless membrane and is ideal for long term waterproofing of awkward roof details such as pipe penetrations, upstands and gutters. These characteristics also make the system a perfect choice for the long term protection of balconies, terraces and patios. LIQUIFLEX®-PRO will bond to most substrates, allowing its use in many situations without having to remove and dispose of the existing roof covering. This saves time and avoids the cost of removal and environmental issues associated with disposal.

The benefits of Liquiflex-Pro

  • BBA Certified for life in excess of 25 years
  • Forms a waterproof, seamless membrane
  • Instantly rain resistant after application
  • Cold liquid applied straight out the tin
  • Use with Liquiflex-Pro roof matting for fully reinforced membrane
  • High performance thermal and UV stable elastomeric polyurethane
  • Easy application by roller or brush
  • Excellent adhesion to most roof substrates
  • Controlled film thickness
  • Moisture curing
  • Non-slip topcoat available for walkways or balconies
  • UV topcoat available in any RAL colour

Applying Liquiflex-Pro

  • Refurbishment
  • New Build
  • Built-Up or Overlay
  • Ballasted Roofs
  • Green Roofs
  • Asbestos Encapsulation
  • Metal Roof Refurbishment
  • Gutter Linings

Installers prefer LIQUIFLEX®-PRO because it is extremely convenient. It is a single liquid product keeping waste to a minimum. The benefits of wet on wet mean no need to hang around waiting for it to dry or come back to the site several times. With no fumes, it is also safer and more pleasant to work with.

What to know when using Liquiflex-Pro

Liquiflex-Pro is used to waterproof the area by applying two wet coats with Liquiflex matting embedded in-between.

Mix the Liquiflex-Pro at a low speed in the tin before use. Apply to the roof using a solvent resistant roller. At a low speed, stir the Liquiflex-Pro in the tin to ensure that the liquid is thoroughly mixed, leaving you with a uniform coloured membrane. Once complete, you can apply Liquiflex-Pro to the substrate using a solvent resistant roller.

Total coverage rate of approximately 2kg per square metre.

Drying Time:
As soon as the CSM is encapsulated, Liquiflex-Pro becomes shower-proof directly and rainproof in approximately 30-40 minutes. Liquiflex Acticure is a convenient accelerator that can enable foot traffic after just two hours, and be fully cured in just 8 hours!

Additional Notes:
Liquiflex-Pro can also be used with Liquiflex Accelerator. If a quicker drying time is required for trafficked areas.


Specific gravity (kg/m3)
Viscosity at 23°C
Dry extract
Flash Point (°C)
Ashes at 450°C % Weight
Hardness Shore A at 23°C
Tensile Strength
Dry Time


1.320 ~ 1.420
2.650 cps
42 ~ 47%
2°C not Exceeding 30°C
C > 75
6 MPa
2-8 hours. Fully cured 24 hours


DIN 53 217
ASTM D2196-86
EN 1768
EN 1879
2-8 hours. Fully cured 24 hours

Our Products


Liquiprime is a single component, low viscosity primer. It has been specifically designed to increase bonding and improve the surface levelling of some substrates prior to the application of the Liquiflex®-Pro. Liquiprime can be applied with roller or brush straight out of the tin at a coverage rate of 150-200ml per m2. Tin size is 5Ltr (Therefore minimum coverage of 25m2 can be achieved). Liquiprime is translucent with excellent bonding onto porous surfaces.

If the surface to be treated is uneven in places, areas can be built up by using a coat of Liquiprime mixed with silica sand to level it, prior to applying a full coat of the primer.

Tack time: 60 mins (20C) – Wait until completely dry before applying Liquiflex-Pro.

Liquiprime must be used on all concrete substrates, TPO single ply and any rubber outlets.


The use of Liquitop is recommended to increase UV stability, for trafficable areas or achieve extended guarantees.

Liquitop is a single component top coat applied at a coverage rate of 150g/m2 per sqm in one layer to cover around 5sqm per litre.

Liquitop has a drying time of 2 hours once applied.

Liquitop must be applied no later than 48 hours after Liquiflex was applied and on a clean and dry surface. For car parks and high traffic areas, Liquitop HT should be used.


Liquiflex® Clear is a single component, aliphatic–UV resistant transparent coating that can be used for waterproofing of roof lights, lead, copper or in general to protect the aesthetic look of any roof. Liquiflex® Clear is also recommended to encapsulate mineral slate in anti-skid finishes, providing a tough, sealed, trafficable surface.

Liquiflex® Clear has a pot life of two hours and drying time of 1-2 hours based on weather conditions. Liquiflex® Clear can also be used as a temporary waterproofing/primer for OSB or plywood decks when used in conjunction with Liquiflex® matting.


Liquithix can be added to Liquiflex-Pro membrane to thicken the liquid when going onto vertical surface areas. Thickening the liquid can help to avoid runs and drops, or sagging of the re-enforcing matt.

Liquithix can be mixed to Liquiflex-Pro at ratio of 100ml – 500ml per 15kg tin, depending on requirements.

Liquithix should not be confused with an accelerator as it does not affect the membrane curing time or process.



Liquiflex® Matting is used embedded between two coats of Liquiflex®-Pro.

LIQUIFLEX® MATTING – 100MM (100mm wide x 120mts long):
Designed to be used in joints, splits and reinforcing small areas.

LIQUIFLEX® MATTING – 200MM (200mm wide x 120mts long):
Designed to be used in upstands, gutters and wrapping outlets, corners, etc.

Designed to be used on main roof