Les Quennevias School


For this impressive project, Rubberseal was asked to provide a solution for flat roof areas and flashing in roof lights and vent penetrations on the metal roof of the prestigious Les Quennevias School in Jersey.

Provap, our self-adhesive carrier membrane was first of all used to provide the perfect surface for our Liquiflex-Pro system to then adhere to. A 20-year system, Liquiflex-Pro was chosen to provide the perfect detailing product with maximum results aesthetically and in long-lasting durability.

Fettes College


The prestigious School in Edinburgh has (amongst many things) seriously impressive architectural aesthetics! So much so, that it’s believed to be the inspiration for JK Rowling’s Hogwarts School! 

Our client McPherson Roofing knew just the solution for repairing the roof of this esteemed landmark – Liquiflex-Pro.  Prepped first of all with Provap, our self-adhesive carrier membrane, followed by Kingspan insulation, the perfect surface was formed for Liquiflex-pro to adhere to.

Cork University


Rubberseal were asked to provide a solution for the delamination and corrosion on aging Kingspan composite panels within Cork’s University grounds. Liquiflex-Pro was therefore specified as the perfect metal over coating solution.  The roof was first of all cleaned thoroughly, rust was removed and any residual areas where just had occurred were primed before a full over coat of Liquiflex-Pro 20 application. 

From the video you can see how it’s applied straight from the tin, using a roller applicator. Since this project was completed, Rubberseal now have the exciting exclusivity for the liquid tank spreader throughout the UK and Ireland for the ultimate convenience when it comes to application. 

The Liquid Tank Spreader

South Pembrokeshire Hospital


The immediate needs of NHS Wales South Pembrokeshire Hospital required a long-lasting, reliable waterproofing system and so Liquiflex-Pro was chosen.  The large flat roof area was first of all covered in Provap – our self-adhesive carrier membrane to create a smooth surface before Liquiflex-Pro 25 was applied, perfect for surrounding the many existing roof lights and detail work that was there. 

Check out these spectacular results!

Arnold Clark


Our wonderful client ABR Roofing decided to specify Rubberseal Liquiflex-Pro as the ideal solution for overcoating an existing failed felt system at Arnold Clark. 

Can we just stop and appreciate just how well applied this was applied? 100 square metres, a flawless finish, and long-lasting results thanks to the ABR team.

Brookside Industrial Estate


Our reputable client – Everlast identified Liquiflex-Pro as the perfect metal overlay roof solution for this build in Brookside industrial estate.  

A complete transformation!