Apex Roofing Specialists Ltd

One of our licensed contractors, APEX Roofing

With a focus on safety training and a passionate commitment to long-term local direct employment rather than ‘hire and fire’ or agency labour, the professional management team of family and non-family members at Apex have maintained its reputation for hard work, value and fairness developed by Brian.

Clients include major construction companies, local authorities, domestic homes, housebuilders, commercial landlords, power companies, utility companies and industrial estate operators locally and throughout the UK.

Apex Roofing Specialists Ltd have been involved in some of the most high-profile roofing projects in the North including Newcastle Racecourse, Newcastle University, Northumbria Water, Lindisfarne Care Homes and the County & Vermont Hotels based in Newcastle City centre, not to mention George Stephenson’s & All Saints.

Apex have always invested in the very best equipment for our work, which is why they have switched up to the LIQUIFLEX®-PRO liquid system and have been using it since November 2018.