The LIQUIFLEX®-PRO brand is from a company that relies heavily on trusted names and a wealth of experience in using them without question.

Rubberseal have been in the roofing and construction industry for over 30 years and our knowledge is second-to-none. We’ve been involved with EPDM rubber, green roofing and lightweight tiling, and continue to do so, selling only the best to the industry.

It is with this that we decided to branch out into the liquid membrane roofing market with our own product, LIQUIFLEX®-PRO, which has been impressing builders and contractors up and down the country. This Frequently Asked Questions page is designed to answer all of those questions about the system that you maybe didn’t realise you needed help with, but rest assured, we have your back.

We’ll be able to tell you how versatile it is, what it can cover, how much you need per square metre, whether you can have it in different colours and so much more. Liquid roofing is slowly, but surely starting to make its way onto the market in a much more regular way than it has over the past few years, and this is mainly down to the word of mouth of other contractors who are taking the plunge with LIQUIFLEX®-PRO.

In this page, we also cover elements regarding our training, where we hold it, what it covers and so much more. Whatever the question, we want you to understand the LIQUIFLEX®-PRO system in its entirety, so we have training facilities both north and south of the border, allowing you to get hands-on with the product.

Always remember though, should there be a question that we HAVEN’T answered, you can always get in touch with us using the contact page located here.


LIQUIFLEX®-PRO is a high performance liquid waterproofing system.
LIQUIFLEX®-PRO is a polyurethane based system.
The product shelf life is 12 months.
LIQUIFLEX®-PRO can be used on every size of roof, from a simple 2m² porch to a 30,000m² commercial roof.
LIQUIFLEX®-PRO is one of the easiest flat roofing systems to install and full training is available.
LIQUIFLEX®-PRO is reinforced using Liquimat between a wet embedment and upper coat of the membrane.
LIQUIFLEX®-PRO is touch dry in two hours and fully cured in 24 hours.
15, 20 and 25 year LIQUIFLEX®-PRO warranties are available depending on the application.
Yes, all surfaces should be cleaned and free from dirt, lichen or algae before coating.
Yes, provided the manufacturer guidelines are followed and the roof structure is sound.
Yes, LIQUIFLEX®-PRO can be overcoated if required.
LIQUIFLEX®-PRO is applied using reinforcing matting sandwiched between two wet coats of LIQUIFLEX®-PRO.
Our topcoat for LIQUIFLEX®-PRO, Liquitop, is available in any RAL colour.
Yes, if a non slip surface is required then aggregate can be applied to a further coating of LIQUIFLEX®-PRO to achieve this.
Installing the reinforcing mat strengthens the system and ensures that the correct thickness of LIQUIFLEX®-PRO is applied over the roof surface.
LIQUIFLEX®-PRO is applied using solvent resistant rollers which are widely available.
Health and safety precautions should always be considered before any work at height.
Most drainage outlets can be used with LIQUIFLEX®-PRO
Yes, LIQUIFLEX®-PRO is ideal for lining pools and ponds and we also offer an aquatic friendly topcoat.
The LIQUIFLEX®-PRO coverage rate is 8-10m² per 15kg tin depending on the substrate.
Liquiprime is only required on porous substrates, i.e. concrete.
Yes, LIQUIFLEX®-PRO is suitable to be used on a green roof.
LIQUIFLEX®-PRO can be applied in damp conditions, but work should not be undertaken if it is raining.
LIQUIFLEX® -PROcan be applied if the temperature is above 2°c