Our LIQUIFLEX-PRO training facility in Cannock

LIQUIFLEX®-PRO Information

They say that knowledge is power, so by all rights this should be the most powerful page on the website. This is where we keep our information about LIQUIFLEX®-PRO.

If you’re looking for information about the Technical Info, you’ll find it here. This is where we list all of the benefits of our product, where you can use it, what it can encapsulate and much more. This section also shows off our full range of LIQUIFLEX® products to enhance or extend the finished lifespan of your roof.

We also have our FAQ section for all of the information you need to know that you’re perhaps afraid to ask. Perhaps you’re needing to clarify something before sorting out a big job.

If you’re wondering what LIQUIFLEX®-PRO is, how easy it is to use the system, whether or not it can be re-coated, the colour ranges and so on, we have all of that covered in this handy FAQ selection, tailor made for all of those questions that we’ve already had asked.

Whatever the reason is, we have you sorted with our wealth of information here.

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Finally, we have our Downloads section. Here is where you can get hold of information from our tech data sheets, as well as the BBA certification that shows our product meets their stringent specifications.

If you need even MORE information regarding our LIQUIFLEX®-PRO system, or anything from our range, contact us here.