Our FAQ’s

What is Liquiflex-Pro?

Liquiflex-Pro is a high performance, polyurethane waterproofing system, reinforced with a fully flexible chop strand matt. 

Installing the reinforcing matt strengthens the system and ensures that the correct thickness of LIQUIFLEX®-PRO is applied over the roof surface.

It is completely watertight.

Where can I use Liquiflex-Pro?

Liquiflex-Pro is suitable for; 

  • Cut edge corrosion
  • Metal overcoating
  • Asbestos encapsulation
  • Overcoating existing flat roof coverings
  • Any roof size from a simple 2m² porch to a 30,000m² commercial roof
  • Staircases, balconies and much more!

Should the surface be cleaned before using Liquiflex-Pro?

Yes, all surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned, completely dry and free from dirt, lichen or algae before coating.

What application tools are required?

LIQUIFLEX®-PRO is cold applied, straight from the tin using solvent resistant rollers. For larger commercial areas, Rubberseal can also offer the liquid tank spreader for the ultimate convenience.  View the Liquid Tank Spreader

Do I need a Primer?

Liquiprime is only required on porous substrates such as concrete or on oxidised metal.

What's the coverage rate?

The LIQUIFLEX®-PRO coverage rate is 8-10m² per 15kg tin depending on the substrate.

Are there any weather restrictions for application?

LIQUIFLEX®-PRO is moisture curing. It can be applied in damp conditions, but work should not be undertaken if it is raining. LIQUIFLEX® -PRO can be applied if the temperature is above 2°c. 

It is also UV stable.

How long does Liquiflex-Pro take to dry?

LIQUIFLEX®-PRO is touch dry in two hours and fully cured in 24 hours.

What colour is Liquiflex-Pro?

Liquiflex-Pro comes in a light grey colour as standard and becomes anthracite grey after the top coat is applied. Our non slip, topcoat system, Liquitop is available in any RAL colour, allowing you to match existing profiled roofs

What warranties are available?

20 and 25-year LIQUIFLEX®-PRO warranties are available for our trained partners.

How long is the product shelf life?

The product shelf life is 12 months.