At LIQUIFLEX®-PRO, we are confident about how simple our system is to use, as we have helped many contractors become accustomed to the easiness of it through training and on-site consultation of the product.

To further enhance our willingness to help you achieve the results you want on the projects you need, we have put together a whole list of downloads to show you what is achievable. We’ve done this using a list of installation guides for you to look through, as well as technical data sheets on our PROVAP system, which can accompany the LIQUIFLEX®-PRO liquid system.

These downloadable installation guides help by showing detailed diagrams of the many different things that can be achieved with our liquid system, over and above the standard roof covering, which is shown in a different section of the website (see here)

We have 12 different guides, which you can download from the page, all with descriptions of what products are involved and how they should be installed.

Also included here are our technical sheets regarding our PROVAP Primer and Self Adhesive Vapour Control Layer. These work very well with our LIQUIFLEX®-PRO system and we would suggest looking at these too.

We hope this helps you achieve what you’re setting out to do with your projects, whether they be big or small, but should you still need help with whatever you’re doing using our system, please contact us.

Installation Guides

Change in Level – Click here to download

Door Threshold – Click here to download

Drainage Outlet – Click here to download

High Parapet – Click here to download

Perimeter Gutter – Click here to download

Pipe Penetration – Click here to download

Plywood Substrate – Click here to download

Proposed Walkway – Click here to download

Raised Door Threshold – Click here to download

Plant Support Slab – Click here to download

Stanchion Penetration – Click here to download

Upstand Termination Bar – Click here to download


Tech Sheets

Provap Barrier – Click here to download

Provap Primer – Click here to download



BBA Certificate – Click here to download