Our LIQUIFLEX-PRO liquid system can cover many different materials and substrates. Our lowest warranty period is 15 years and this can be extended to 25, when using the correct materials in addition to our liquid waterproofing system.

From felt bitumen and concrete, to asphalt, single ply and plywood, we have you and your roof covered with either our standard cold roof options, or our warm roof solutions including insulation boards to maintain heat.

All of our accompanying diagrams are detailed to allow for ease of use and they also show how easy it is to create these layouts compared to other systems.

Click any of the pictures below to take you to the relevant warranty level you are looking for.

Detailed LIQUIFLEX-PRO drawing for 15 year cold roof with Asphalt
LIQUIFLEX-PRO® 15 Year - Cold Roof

This is our most basic system. The 15 year cold roof option only requires two products, which are our LIQUIFLEX-PRO liquid system and the LIQUI-MATT fibreglass matting to achieve.

Detailed LIQUIFLEX-PRO drawing for 20 year cold roof with Plywood
LIQUIFLEX-PRO® 20 Year - Cold Roof

Our 20 year system is a lot like our 15 year cold roof option, but we also incluse a layer of our LIQUITOP topcoat. This adds an extra 5 years onto the warranty that the system is covered for. Click the diagram to see what materials and substrates can be used.

Detailed LIQUIFLEX-PRO drawing for 25 year cold roof with Asphalt
LIQUIFLEX-PRO® 25 Year - Cold Roof

Our top of the line system. Incorporating everything that the 20 year system has, but adding an extra coating of the LIQUIFLEX-PRO liquid.

Welcome to our 25 year cold roof system.

Detailed LIQUIFLEX-PRO drawing for 15 year warm roof with Concrete
LIQUIFLEX-PRO® 15 Year - Warm Roof

Much like our cold roofing option, the main ingredients are LIQUIFLEX-PRO and the LIQUI-MATT fibreglass matting. As it is a warm roof option, however, we also include the insulation panels to ensure heat stays in and doesn’t escape.

LIQUIFLEX-PRO® 20 Year - Warm Roof

The 20 year system can be laid onto most substrates and materials. The addition of the insulation panel gives the resultant layout a 20 year BBA certified warranty. This system adds the LIQUITOP topcoat to the mix, allowing for the extended guarantee.

Detailed LIQUIFLEX-PRO drawing for 25 year warm roof with Asphalt
LIQUIFLEX-PRO® 25 Year - Warm Roof

If you need your roof protected and insulated for a long time then this is the setup to use. The 25 year system incorporates everything from previous arrangements, but it comes with the added insulation to produce a warm roof system.

Click the picture to find out more about what surfaces you can set them on.